The museings of an ambitious deaf Mother January 19th 2011
January 20th 2011
Published on January 20, 2011 By JoeDeafMama In Life Journals

Snow in Arkanas! YUCH!

Always a hot mess here when there is snow! Arkansas roads dept are just not equipped to deal with winter wather! Snow day for school which royally pisses off my nerdy 15 yr old daughter who LOVES shool.

We have a boarder right now. I placed an ad several months ago for a room mate and wound up with a temporary boarder who travels for work. He stayed a few days a couple months back and he got another job wireing up the computer system for a new bank next town over so he traveled in from Kansas and is here for a week. Nice enough guy seems real honest and personable. Ony thing is he drives me totaly batty coz he follows me all over the house with a paper and pen to "visit" with me!!!!  UGH!!!! 

 Anyways!!! My daughter wakes me up at 630 to get ready for work but she tells me after she had a hot bath that she went to wash her hands and no water comeing out of the hot water tap at all. Fuckin GREAT! Now what!!@#!?? Not only that .... snowing ike crazy!!! I wasnt going to chance drivng in this crap to work (had to have a client pull me out of the ditch last weeks snow storm) so I bumped up todays and tomarrows clients to tomarrow and Saturday instead. I got the best clients EVER! Our boarder says maybe he can fix it but after work and he left for work. I dont have till 5 pm when its dark out I need it fixed NOW! while daylight and can see whats what.

Now to deal with the hot water mess. Knew I had a leak for over a month now in my water system somehow. Last months water bill was doubbld and the moisture was rediculous in the house. Not having anyone but me and the kid and living hand to mouth it isnt like I can just call  plumber an get it fixed. So I bought  dehumidifier and burried my head in the sand and wished it away. That didnt work out so well as you can imagine.

Last week a friend I work for off n on stopped in to have me surf the internet for new clientel for him. Said hed give me 100 bucks for every job lead I found him....I had him look under my trailer an see what he could find. He showed me some pipes that had fallen apart and all the insulation under my master bath trashed hanging out there with iceicles hanging off it. Oh FUN! I coulda puked! He says he can fix it I says GREAT! He fixed (in below zero weather!) while I surfed inernet and gathered up 6 pages of leads for him. Told him no charge just he gets  job or 2 out of it. Thanked him thinking problem solved!

Okay so now no water at all coming out of hot water tap. I had my daughter call the guy I am buying the place from (daughter  also going deaf but can still hear on the phone with her hearing aids) NOT MY PROBLEM CALL A PLUMBER he says!!! Daughter finger spells this to me I says "I understand this isnt your problem Frank but I am out here with no one to call on when these things happen and I cant afford a plumber and I dont know who else to call?" I guess he got a conscience and he came over and we took my closet apart to take the board off the wall to access the hot water heater which seems to be working fine! No leaks in the house so GREAT! He crawls under the house and finds that the original leak was not properly fixed. Not so great! He put it together turned on hot water and water ran but not hot which we are sure is because of the leak so heater had to refill and reheat another 30 gallons. He said if that holds and water heats up he will come back and permanntly seal that area so it cant come apart again. He said call if water pessure fades again.

Water pressre faded again and kid just called him.

Frank hasnt been in here since we bought the place from him he was cerainly WOWED at all the home improvements just went on and on about what a pretty home we have. I told him I cant fix anything but I sure can make things pretty! This guy owns 8 or 9 rental properties and hes had such bad luck with renters NOT US! We pay in full and on time ALWAYS! But he has renters leave and trash the house smething awful! I told him fix this for me and the next time a renter leaves I will clean and paint and prep the house for new renters. FREE!!(I clean homes for a living plus do lot of side jobs painting and faux glazeing walls)  This seemed to soften him up quite a bit and his crochedy demeanor faded away. He is 66 years old he could use the kinda help I have to offer now and then. I feel terrible in the mean time he is back under my house trying to fix the problem again. He dont get around too well. *sigh*

Being a single mom is a rollercoaster ride for sue!!! But being a deaf single mom is just a plain pain in the ass!!!! Not only for me but for my kid who I am so dependant on for helping me to "hear"! When my kid goes deaf and can no longer relay to me with finger spelling what others are saying or can no longer pick up the phone and call someone for me then we are royally screwed!

Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what your going to get! (Forrest Gumps Mama)

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